Hertogstad boat tour

Electric boat ride inside and outside the walls of Brabant’s finest city

’s-Hertogenbosch is an old fortified city, surrounded by water. But outside of its walls isn’t the only place where water can be found: the Binnendieze waterway winds its way through the streets and houses, regularly dipping and diving underneath them. The Hertogstad boat tour combines two boat tours, showing you the city from two sides: its tough exterior and its idyllic interior.

First, a little about the Dommel…

You’ll board at the Sint-Jan Bolwerk for a tour on the Dommel. From the boat, you’ll admire the old city walls that have protected our city for centuries. We’ll enter the old inland harbour at the Citadel. The stunning merchants’ houses attest to the city’s rich trading past. At one time, thousands of ships a day would offload their cargo here. The skipper will be able to tell you some fabulous tales about those times…

…now for the Binnendieze

In the old harbour, we board a smaller electric boat that will enable us to pass beneath the Visstraat. Travelling underneath this long overpass (in excess of 100 metres!) is a fantastic experience. At Zoete Lieve Gerritje in the Molenstraat, we’ll see daylight once more. As you journey along the beautiful Binnendieze, you’ll get a view the city from the other side, uncovering the many traces of the past that remain here. The route terminates at the jetty in front of Het Noordbrabants Museum.

Exclusive boat tour

Due to current coronavirus restrictions, we are only able to take four people at a time on this unique boat tour. Want to be one of the lucky four? Be sure to book a place, fast! Useful to know: given the multiple boardings and disembarkings involved, this route is less suitable for those with mobility issues.

The walk back

Het Noordbrabants Museum is a ten-minute walk back to the Sint-Jan Bolwerk, via the city centre. Keen to see more of the city? There is a puzzle walking tour that starts from the Parade and leads you through Den Bosch’s old town. During the holiday season (1 April - 31 October), there is also a gastronomic version of this puzzle tour available, which includes 4 delicious stop-offs along the way. Want to find out more? The routes are available at service points throughout the city.


± 90 minutes.

Tuesday till Sunday om 13.00, 14.15 and 15.30 hrs
July and August also at 11.45 hrs

Bolwerk Sint-Jan: Visitors' Centre across from Sint-Jansstraat.


€ 15,00 per person.
€ 7,50 for 4 to 12 years-olds.
free admission for children under the age of 4.


Booking fee € 0,50 p.p. with a maximum of € 10,00.
Internet: until 15 minutes prior to the activity.
Telephone: until 1 day prior to the activity:
via 0900 - 20 20 178 (€ 0,90 per call). On weekdays from 10.00 - 12.00 hrs. and from 13.00 - 15.00 hrs.


This tour is only in Dutch.

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