Historical boat tour on the Binnendieze

Explore the city from below on an electric boat

Den Bosch is a city with a rich history. The DagjeDenBosch.com historical boat tour will transport you back in time to the Middle Ages, when this city was a thriving hub for trade and art. The tour starts at the Molenstraat or at the Voldersgat. Aboard a quiet electric boat, you’ll get to see first-hand the old houses and sturdy city walls that bear witness to the unique history of Den Bosch.

History of the Binnendieze

The Binnendieze waterway ran along the back of the houses. This is also what makes the current form of the city, the street layout and narrow houses that back onto the water unique! Ships would transport their wares over the narrow canals, whilst the iron and textile industries used the water in their manufacturing processes. For citizens, the Binnendieze not only served as a source of drinking water, it was also used as a sewer.

The Binnendieze under threat...

As beautiful as it is today, there was a time when the inner city Binnendieze river was close to extinction! Poorly maintained and with no real remaining purpose other than a sewer, the dirty water represented a risk to public health. In 1969, plans were made to backfill and demolish the entire Binnendieze. Most of the citizens of Den Bosch were glad to finally be rid of what they called the ‘stinky ditch’...

Boat tour with experienced skipper-guide

Luckily, in 1972, the historical inner city was designated a conservation area. Given the water’s significant cultural value, the Binnendieze was restored, bit by bit. During this historical boat tour, your DagjeDenBosch.com skipper-guide will tell you fascinating stories about the restoration, the history of the city, the siege of Den Bosch in 1629 and the origins of the nickname moerasdraak - or marsh dragon.

Historical Binnendieze tour

On this boat tour, you’ll experience how peaceful it can be in the centre of a bustling city. You’ll journey underneath the town hall - where, true to Dutch tradition, newlyweds are carried by boat - over the Singelgracht and along the ramparts, where you’ll see a sudden transition from city to nature. The Historical boat tour shows you all aspects of the fascinating Binnendieze!




± 50 minutes.

Molenstraat: Tuesday till Sunday from 10.20 - 17.20 hrs. on Monday from 14.00 - 17.20 hrs.
The departures are scheduled every 20 minutes.

Voldersgat: Tuesday till Sunday 13.15 - 16.15 hrs. From July 1 till September 3: 11.15 - 16.15 hrs. The departures are scheduled every hour.

Molenstraat 15a or Voldersgat


€ 10,00 per person.
€ 5,00 for 4 to12 years-olds.
Free admission for children under the age of 4.


Booking fee € 0,50 p.p. with a maximum of € 10,00.
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