Private evening boat tour

Den Bosch by twilight

As the evening draws in, the city takes on a special ambience. The last few rays of sun shine through between the houses and in the soft light of dusk, the clamour of the city falls away... A boat trip in the evening feels very different than in the daytime. Enjoying a ride on an electric boat in the exclusive company of your own group makes it extra special!

Boat tour with a private group

The skippers will steer your private group along the Historical boat tour across the Binnendieze, taking you to the most beautiful spots in the old city centre. The tour departs at 18:00hrs or 19:00hrs from the Molenstraat. As darkness gradually falls, take in the sights and hear about the unique history of the city on your private evening boat tour.

History of the Binnendieze

The Binnendieze runs along the back of the houses. This is also what makes the current form of the city, the street layout and narrow houses that back onto the water unique! In the Middle Ages, Den Bosch was a thriving hub for trade and art. Ships would transport their wares over the narrow canals, whilst the iron and textile industries used the water in their manufacturing processes. For citizens, the Binnendieze not only served as a source of drinking water, it was also used as a sewer.

Den Bosch with an experienced skipper-guide

At one time, the entire Binnendieze was at risk of being backfilled. Luckily, in 1972, the historical inner city was designated a conservation area. Given the water’s significant cultural value, the Binnendieze was restored, bit by bit. In the twilight, the skipper-guide will tell you fascinating stories about the restoration, the history of the city and the origins of the nickname moerasdraak - or marsh dragon.

Evening boat tour

On this boat tour, you’ll discover how peaceful the city can be at night. After passing through the Kruisbroedershekel tunnel, you’ll travel out of the fortified city and onto the Singelgracht. Continuing along the walls, the abrupt transition from inner city to nature reserve, the Bossche Broek, will take you by surprise. The Groote Hekel brings you back into the city - one unique experience richer!




± 50 minuten.

Daily at 18.00 and 19.00 hrs

Molenstraat 15a.


€ 175,-- per boat, max 14 persons


Until 2 weeks prior to the activity:
via 0900 - 20 20 178 (€ 0,90 per call). On weekdays from 10.00 - 12.00 hrs. and from 13.00 - 16.00 hrs.