Boat tour on the Binnendieze nominated for Most Amazing Activity


‘Boat tour on the Binnendieze’ has been nominated by ANWB Eropuit to become the most amazing activity of the Netherlands 2023 in Noord-Brabant… will you help us get votes?

ANWB Eropuit

The boat tour on the Binnendieze has been nominated as an activity to become the ‘Most Amazing Activity of the Netherlands’ in the province of North Brabant.
This year ANWB Eropuit organizes the election ‘Most amazing activity of the Netherlands’ for the thirteenth time. At Kring Vrienden van ‘s-Hertogenbosch we are very happy and feel privileged that we are nominated in the province of North Brabant. Vote for our boat trip on the Binnendieze and share this post as much as possible in your network! And help us to become the ‘most amzing activity of the Netherlands’ in Noord-Brabant for 2023.


You can vote from today until 30 October via this link: So click on that link and vote for our activity! Also check out our Instagram and Facebook page and share the message so others can vote for our outing too. Thank you so much for your help!!!