Scenic nature & castles tour

Step aboard a luxury river boat

How about a languid summer’s afternoon on the water? Explore beyond the city walls on the Dommel river in our comfortable, covered river boat, Frederik Hendrik. Sit back, relax and enjoy some refreshments as you watch the sights sail by. There’s no shortage of things to see!

Scenic route

This tour passes over the Singelgracht and the river Dommel through nature reserve, Het Bossche Broek featuring unique flora and fauna. We’ll sail by grand castle, Kasteel Maurick in Vught via ’t Vaantje in Halder and on to another charming castle, Kasteel Nieuw Herlaer in Sint-Michielgestel. Here, the boat will turn around and retrace the route back to the Voldersgat. So wonderful to see just how much greenery the city is surrounded by…

River boat with guide

During the boat trip, your enthusiastic guide will explain all about the city’s fortifications, sharing thrilling stories that will bring to life the siege of 1629, which took place during the Eighty Years’ War. The Siege of 's-HertogenBosch by Frederik Hendrik van Oranje formed a major defeat for the Spanish in the city.

Travel beyond the city walls

This boat tour beyond the city walls gives you a good look at the fortifications that surround Den Bosch, and an appreciation of how the city is able to protect itself from the water. During the tour you will be offered coffee and cake. The serene water and wild nature are a lovely contrast to the lively hustle & bustle of central Den Bosch!



2 hrs.

Tuesday till Sunday at 13.00 hrs.

Corner Zuidwal/Oude Dieze


€ 12,50 per person.
€ 6,25 for 4 to 12 years-olds.
free admission for children under the age of 4.


Booking fee € 0,50 p.p. with a maximum of € 10,00.
Internet: until 3 hours prior to the activity.
Telephone: until 1 day prior to the activity:
via 0900 - 20 20 178 (€ 0,90 per call). On weekdays from 10.00 - 12.00 hrs. and from 13.00 - 15.00 hrs.


This tour is only in Dutch.

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