Re-live the construction of Sint Jan’s

This impressive building is the pride of the city

There is a lot to learn about the construction of Sint Jan’s cathedral. So much, in fact, that we begin our tour outside - walking around the cathedral and examining it from the outside. The harder you look, the more exquisite details you will find...

Walk around Sint Jan’s

Did you know, there are just seven cathedrals in the Netherlands? One of those is in Den Bosch: Sint Jan’s Cathedral. This imposing cathedral was built between 1350 and 1530 and towers high above the city. Our enthusiastic guides will show you both inside and out and share with you fascinating stories about the cathedral’s history. The highlight of a day out and about in Den Bosch!

The Gothic cathedral with its Romanesque tower also keeps many secrets on the outside. Your guide will draw your attention to special features, such as the statues of angels, the finials and pinnacles.

Our Lady at Sint-Jan’s

The official name of Sint Jan's is ‘Cathedral Basilica of St. Johannes the Evangelist’. The honorary title of ‘Basilica’ was awarded by the pope thanks to the statue of the Virgin Mary situated in the back of the cathedral. All kinds of miracles are attributed to this statue, and it continues to attract a great many visitors each year. Characteristic of Sint-Jan’s are the various flying buttresses on the exterior of the building that feature statues of people, animals and even monsters. This ornate decoration is totally unique!

The history of Sint Jan’s

Through the centuries, Sint Jan’s has had a lot to endure: wars, lightning strikes, a fire to the tower (quite recently), merry men treating the sanctuary as a public lavatory. Fortunately, the cathedral has survived all of the above, leaving you to enjoy it in all its grandeur. Our guide will show you the baptismal font, the helical-columned baldachin and the organ, plus a number of unusual gravestones, and will be able to tell you all about the history behind Sint Jan’s. Importantly, you’ll learn the answer as to why the tower is a different colour to the cathedral...




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