A “made to measure”  visit to Den Bosch. 

Specially for groups.

Did you know that apart from being able to book tickets “online” for a Kring activity it is possible to have a custom made programme for groups. Unique to this concept are the professional enthusiastic guides. They are there to see that everything goes smoothly.

The size of the group can vary from 10 to 150 people.

When you want to surprise your family, friends or personnel with a day in Den Bosch we will not disappoint you and can offer you a custom-made programme.

For example your day could look like this:-Start with coffee and a chocolate Bossche Bol followed by  a culture historical city walk and then lunch in a nice restaurant. After lunch there are various possibilities , a boat trip on the binnendieze, a visit to the Noord Brabants museum and/or  climbing the bell tower of the  cathedral sint Jan. Finish the day  with a dinner arrangement.

Almost everything is possible. We are pleased to work with you so that you have a memorable day in Den Bosch.

Are you excited or curious ? Send us an email to rv@kringvrienden.nl. We will reply as quickly as possible.