Trade route:  Sail through a rich past

Uncover the city’s vibrant trade history

The fortified city of Den Bosch is surrounded by water. A boat tour beyond the city walls offers you the opportunity to admire Den Bosch from a different perspective. During this boat tour, our guide will familiarise you with Den Bosch’s vibrant trading past.

Through the old port
The Zuid-Willemsvaart, Dommel, Dieze and Aa are waterways that all skirt around Den Bosch. It’s partly to all of this water that Den Bosch owes its thriving trade-centre past. The old inland port with its merchants’ houses is tangible evidence of that era. At one time, thousands of ships each year would load and offload their cargo here. As you travel past the historical properties, you’ll hear of the many products that were once traded in the city.

Boat tour with a skipper-guide
The trip continues along the Zuid-Willemsvaart that runs straight through the city. Did you know: this 122km long canal was dug out at the start of the nineteenth century entirely by hand? Along the Bossche stadsdelta sits ‘t Zand district: this is where the city’s industry first blossomed. Heading upstream, we travel along the Dommel until we reach the beautiful Vughtereiland. Here, you’ll see the fish ladder - an ecological passage between the Maas river and Dommel valley.

Boat tour in an electric boat
Experience the city’s rich trade history aboard a comfortable electric boat. The skipper will tell tales of glory days gone by: of the growth and prosperity of the city, of guilds, trade, the battle for the city and Den Bosch’s time as the second major city in the Netherlands. In the meantime, watch the fortifications, old city walls, ramparts, monasteries and the Citadel float past you...




1 hour.

Saterday and Sunday: 14.00 and 15.30 hrs.

Bolwerk Sint-Jan: Visitors' Centre across from Sint-Jansstraat.


€ 10,00 per person.
€ 5,00 for 4 to 12 years-olds.
Free admission for children under the age of 4.


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Banned for dogs.

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