The Adventurous Climb on St Jan’s Cathedral

An unique opportunity Walking on the ridge of the roof and around the Crossing Tower. An unforgettable experience at almost 50 meters high from the Parade! With the replacement of the slates on the roof of the 800-year-old Sint- Jan's Cathedral, this climb is truly a unique opportunity. The installation of this scaffold and walking structure will no longer be possible in the next 100 years. Get a close look at the detailing of the Sint-Jan, as well as the breathtaking view of 's-Hertogenbosch and the surroundings when you turn around.

Please note: accessible for children aged 8 and above.


After the success of the Wonderlijke Klim in 2016, we are given one more chance to literally walk on the ridge of the roof of the Sint-Jan. You will then walk around the Crossing Tower, where the all-seeing eye is located. Some of the flying buttress statues can also be viewed. And do you already know the story of the great fire from the 16th century? During De Avontuurlijke Klim, the guide from the Kring Vrienden van 's-Hertogenbosch will update you on the rich history of our old Sint-Jan. Several interactive elements have also been added to this one-hour route.

Religious route

Always wanted to know more about Catholic traditions and customs? We pay extra attention to it during the tour every Sunday morning.

Proceeds from ticket sales = donation to the restoration

The Adventurous Climb is organized by the National Monument Sint-Jan Foundation. This foundation is committed to fundraising for the restoration of the cathedral. Sponsors make the unique walk possible by covering the costs. The proceeds from the ticket sales of De Avontuurlijke Klim contribute to the ongoing necessary restoration work to preserve the centuries-old traditions. This way, the Sint-Jan will continue to surprise and amaze the general public in the future.

In case of extreme weather conditions such as ice storm, strong winds, or thunderstorms, The Adventurous Climb will be closed. Pre-purchased tickets can be used at a later time, based on availability.

Also read The Adventurous Climb House Rules.


±1 hour

Monday - Sunday 10.00 -16.00 hour

Entrance to The Adventurous Climb, Parade.


€ 10,00 per person - Monday and Tuesday
€ 12,50 per person - Wedenesday and Thursday
€ 15,00 per person - Friday untill Sunday
€ 7,50 per child (8 - 12 years) - Monday to Sunday


Tickets are available at the counter of Kring Vrienden van 's-Hertogenbosch (Parade 12) and at the counter of Bolwerk Sint-Jan (Sint-Janssingel 25).

Reservation with a (sponsor) voucher and/or gift certificate can be done for free at the counter (Parade 12).

Reservation fee: €0.50 per person (maximum €10.00).

Online via until 15 minutes before the start.
By phone until 1 day before the activity: dial 0900 - 20 20 178 (€0.90 per call). Available on weekdays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

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