Jeroen Bosch Walk


Put yourself in the position of Jheronimus Bosch, the late-medieval ‘s-Hertogenbosch artist who lived from about 1450 till 1516. During this walk you will pass striking spots and places dating back to his time. You will go past the house where he spent his youth and the atelier where he lived and worked. You will go past the Sint Jan’s Cathedral, where he carried out various commissions. You continue past Museum the Zwanenbroedershuis and the Sint Jan’s Museum where you can admire, among other things, some original flying buttress statues from Bosch’s time. During the tour you will pass three frescoes which, in a playful manner, refer to fragments of paintings by Jheronimus Bosch. The walk ends after one and a half hours in the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center (JBAC), where you may stay as long as you wish.

We also have a Jheronimus Bosch Boattrip.


Maximum participants 15
Duration ± 1½ hour, excl. visit to the Jheronimus Bosch Art Centre as long as you wish.
Rate € 75.00 - booking fee € 5,00.
Dates/times On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 14.00 hrs.
Booking In advance until 1 week prior to the activity by telephone +31(0)73 - 613 50 98 or at the "Kring" information center, Parade 12.
Departure "Kring" information center, Parade 12.
Details Tours in English, French and in German are available if required.

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